Tom Dunn Promises to Diversify Town Government

A recent study by a diversity consultant found that Leesburg Town employees are predominantly white, and does not reflect the cultural diversity of Leesburg’s population.

Tom Dunn running for Mayor has promised to diversify Leesburg’s employee pool to reflect the demographic.   On his Facebook page, Tom says:

Under the current Mayor Umstaddt, Leesburg does not represent the diversity and values of Northern Virginia. Leesburg Town Employees are 98 Percent White Under Umstaddt. If Elected Mayor, I will create 10 Latino and 10 African American city jobs in my first year. From there, I will increase that to 15 each in the second year, balancing town Government more than any Leesburg Mayor in 100 Years.

Dunn wants to cut out wasteful and redundant positions in Town Government, and as employees retire, bring Leesburg’s employee pool more in line with Leesburg’s population.

Dunn at Leesburg Latino Festival

Dunn at Leesburg Latino Festival

He has also recently put forth proposals to increase partnerships between civic organizations and businesses to create more jobs in Leesburg.  He also wants to work with Latino business owners in Leesburg to take advantage of the HUB Zone for creating jobs in Leesburg and getting priority when seeking government contracts.  Currently, the Business Economic Development Commission does not have a program for bringing Latino businesspeople to the HUB Zone.

“Leesburg’s jobs situation is not something the current Mayor can run on or discuss.  Virtually all high paying jobs in Leesburg are a result of entrepreneurs who work at home, or commute to the Dulles corridor, Fairfax or DC.   This is a quality of life issue.  I empathize with people who commute, as I have to drive hundreds of miles per week for my job.  Leesburg can boast that retail jobs have been created.  There are transient construction jobs, as hotels or strip malls come in, or that a few stores have come to town, but where are the High Tech jobs?  What has the Mayor or other Council Members done to take advantage of the growth that the rest of the region enjoys?  We need to focus on high paying jobs, not Wal-Mart jobs.  This impacts millennials, commuters, all of Leesburg.  It’s not a Latino issue, or African merican issue, it’s an issue that impacts all of us”  Dunn said.

So far, Umstaddt has not crafted any specific plan to address the lack of diversity in Leesburg’s employee pool.   Council did endorse a plan to create a Diversity Commission, but so far, no new hires, or specific recommendations have issued thereto.



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