Mayor Umstaddt Becomes Unglued

She’d love Leesburg to think she is always polite and well mannered.  But more importantly, Kristin Umstaddt has always tried to appear “nice”…   However, when interviewed, many residents of Leesburg point to her online character  “WhyNow”  and see a very different person, one who seems to thrive on mean spirited attacks, name calling, and as one person put it, “… a bit of a crank or crack pot…”

Now,  it appears that Mayor Umstaddt has stoopped to a new low, by accusing her opponent of  being against police, roads, garbage collection, and attacking him for being pro sexual predator, raising taxes, and  and cutting off all funding for all town services.

This is not the Umstaddt she wants us to believe she is.   How can someone do such an about face only a few days before Election Day?

Here are some of the highlights of her recent mailing:

Dunn Campaign Kristin Umstaddt Becomes Unglued

Taking Umstaddt at her word, then, her Opponent is for defunding roads, Trash Pick Up, Snow Removal, and wants to Close Ida Lee park.   He is also “pro secret” meeting, even though he moved to end that process.  Her opponent wants to defund the police, fire, rescue and Veterans.   He is against any ethics in government and according to the Mayor, pro sexual predators!

The Mayor has become unglued, and frankly, we are  astonished at this late turn of events.   The 6 term Mayor has just turned the race into a mean spirited and attack campaign.

When asked for his comment on the mailer by Umstaddt,  Candidate for Mayor, Tom Dunn said:  “The Town of Leesburg needs higher paying jobs, and we don’t need anymore Wal Mart or Sandwich Shop jobs, but real jobs which lift millennials out of their parents basement, and onto sound financial footing.  I want to bring fresh ideas to Leesburg and my Liberal Opponent and the Liberals on Council, Burke, Martinez and Hammler bring no new ideas.  I think this is what has scared them so much, and caused her to resort to these kinds of attacks in her mailer.  I do not think they are befitting the Office of Mayor and we should all take them as a sign of her desperation.  Those statements  do not rise to the level of response, and  they are beneath the dignity of the Office of Mayor to which I seek. “

When asked if the Mayor has become unglued, or irrational, Mr. Dunn had no comment.

Umstaddt Foust

Liberal Candidate for Mayor with John Foust







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