MacDowells New Upstairs Dining and Bar

We all know the attraction that is MacDowells ~ 202 Harrison St SE, Leesburg, VA 20175
(703) 777-2739 ~ it’s the Beach!! What many of us don’t know is that they have improved the overall ambiance by at least double in adding their new upstairs bar and dining area, dance floor, and sound system.  When Social N checked them out in the cold months of winter, we discovered that there had already been a couple of weddings upstairs!

If the sand and Caribbean atmosphere are great, so is this new space that Gordon MacDowell has added. We tasted some of the local brews, sampled some great food, and met some wonderful folks on our visit.

MacDowells Brew Kitchen

MacDowells is not content to provide one of the most unique and original concepts on the east coast, it’s goal is apparently to continue to provide more and improved services.

Barry Charlton will be live this Saturday 4pm.  We’ll see you at Beermuda!!






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