Leesburg Town Council and John Marshall Bank Partner to Present “Police Appreciation Day” on October 15, 2015



On Thursday, October 15, 2015, Leesburg Police officers and their families will be treated to breakfast, lunch and dinner, courtesy of the Leesburg Town Council and John Marshall Bank. The meals will be available at the Leesburg Police Department headquarters, during morning and evening roll call as well as at lunchtime.


“Our department is composed of dedicated men and women who strive every day, 24/7, to keep our community safe,” said Joseph R. Price, Leesburg Chief of Police. “Their families are equally dedicated and put up with long hours, missed special events and the constant fear of the unthinkable. This recognition reinforces the partnership we have built with the community and on behalf of the entire department, I thank the Town Council and John Marshall Bank.”


The proposal for the Police Appreciation Day was first put forth by Council Member Tom Dunn.



“Recent events around the country highlighted for me the risks that our police officers take every day while doing their jobs,” explained Council Member Tom Dunn. “I proposed this Police Appreciation Day as a way to let our officers know that we, the Council, do not take their services for granted.”


“All of us at John Marshall Bank wish to show our support for the Leesburg Police and are happy to participate with the Town Council in doing so,” said Paul W. Bice, Regional President of John Marshall Bank. “Every day, police officers throughout the United States put their lives on the line to serve and protect citizens within their districts. John Marshall Bank is reaching out to police precincts in Northern Virginia to simply say ‘thank you,’ and to let them know they have our support. We appreciate their hard work and dedication.”

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